A few months ago, a client asked for some help setting and attaining goals. She had outgrown the process of using so-called S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, & timely) goals, so I offered her this process instead:

Slowing Down to Get Clear

Step One: Stop. It can seem weird to start with stopping; however, it is important to stop for the purpose of getting grounded in what you want, in what you are about, and in your conviction.   This will come more from your heart than your head.  This will help you harness and focus your energy.  And, if you don’t stop to do this, you run the risk of being scattered and burning out and them bumming out.

Step Two: Listen. Again, a seemingly “slow” activity but one that  is essential to success.  Once grounded, listen to your heart.  What are the goals your heart has for you?  What changes does your heart want you to make?  (Very important to discern your head, ego, and saboteur from your heart.)

Step Three: Feel. Feel the impact of achieving these goals and changes — as if they have already happened.  This will be fuel for the journey.  Let yourself feel the surge of power available in these goals and changes.

Step Four: Ask & Act. So here you are: grounded, clear, feeling  your heart’s desire, fueled by the power of the vision and impact of your goals achieved….now what?  Ask for guidance.  Ask your Higher Self, ask your heart, ask any other inner resources for help and guidance.  Ask your friends, coach, colleagues, neighbors.  Ask God.  Ask Google.  Ask anyone who will hold your interests in mind.  Ask for ideas or steps towards achieving these goals and changes.  Ask for introductions.  Ask for appointments.  Ask for work.  Ask for anything that feels right and true for you.   Then, take action.  Continue tuning into your heart, clarifying your direction, fueling with the energy of your future, asking for help, and acting.