Favorite Resources

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Marketing Resources

99 Designs — If you need expert, creative design work (logos, web site, etc.) and a process that is easy, fun, & affordable, check out 99 Designs. Their worldwide community of designers compete to deliver you the best custom design—at the best price. You’re the boss, so you get to choose the design that works best for you. AND it comes with a money-back guarantee. I used them to design my SuccessFULL Practice logo.

Brilliant Testimonials — Brilliant Testimonials is a …well brilliant, inexpensive little e-book on how to make it EASY for your clients to give you awesome testimonials!

Moo Cards — Moo Cards offers a fun alternative to the usual boring business card. They also sell mini-cards, customized greeting cards, stickers, (I use them for return mailing labels) and have a great blog with lots of creative ideas.

SuccessFULL Practice — Of course, I think you should check out my program. 😀

Productivity Resources

Asana — Excellent, easy to use project management software. I love Asana because it isn’t overly complicated. It helps me streamline and track personal and business projects. And, I can add team members to specific projects or tasks. Each time we need to communicate about a task or project we can do so in Asana, rather than bombarding each other with emails and loosing the thread of activity.

FreshBooks — Intuitive, user-friendly system for invoicing, taking payment, integrating with your business banking and checking accounts. FreshBooks made my life SO much easier and gives me more time to focus on doing what I love in my business.

Acuity — There are many scheduling tools and I’ve tried a lot of them. Acuity is my favorite because it integrates seamlessly with my Google Calendar, lets me set up packages and payment plans, It’s a flexible, robust tool that I can’t imagine not having in my business.

Personal | Professional Development Resources

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business! — a free, value-packed playlist of recordings with masterful coaches Michelle Goss & Carol Greenaway. We focus on the essential link between internal resources (beliefs, attitudes, thoughts & feelings) and external results in life and in business. Click here for links to past recordings.  We cover topics such as “Help! I’m an Information Addict!” and “Busting Perfectionism”.

Your Enneagram Drive — This ancient matrix remains a powerful tool for understanding self, life, and others. It can be a centerpiece for your growth, or simply an additional tool that supports you. Either way, I highly recommend you take the validated test (yes, there’s a free version but the validated test is significantly better and it’s only $10) that is offered through the Enneagram Institute’s web site.

Managing Your Inner Critic(s) — Shirzad Chamine has created a brilliant 5-minute assessment that will highlight your dominant saboteurs, how they are likely to trip you up, and what to do about them. Highly, highly, highly, highly recommended.  His book, Positive Intelligence is very good and takes the results of your assessment deeper. Illuminating and practical.


Additional Resources for Professional Coaches

The Coaches Training Institute — Also known as CTI, it is THE premier coach training school in the world. The professional association that issues credentials (The International Coach Federation) based their requirements on the precedent set by CTI. Graduates of their certification program carry the prestigious title of Certified Professional Co-Active™ Coach (CPCC). The world-class training is highly experiential so you leave with real practice and skills under your belt.

My Forms, Tools, & Processes — Many new coaches ask for examples of Intake Session templates, on-boarding systems, etc. Here’s what I use. I’m always adding new features, different worksheets and tools for growing your business and helping your clients so be sure to sign up (at the top of this page) to get my latest and greatest as soon as they’re ready. (I’m updating these forms & tools…stay tuned…)

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