Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “Success”?

I bet it had something to do with money, material possessions, or fame.  That’s not wrong… just incomplete. Beyond material success, what is YOUR definition of it?  True success is a magical synergy of fun, passion, willingness, personal power, and so much more — including Happiness. Happiness (especially at work) doesn’t get much respect.

 [Did you know 80%  of Americans are not passionate about what they do, and 55% of them actually HATE their work?!! ]

At best, happiness is considered a “nice to have.”

At worst, it’s dismissed as foolish or irrelevant. Seriously?  What else are we here for…to toil away, then die?  Not me!  Not you! The truth is Success and Happiness are intricately linked.

Good News: they are within your reach. Really.

Here’s how I can help.

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About Michelle

Michelle Goss is a serial entrepreneur and currently has two businesses (Michelle Goss & Company and Coaching Transformation) — because why have only one when you can have two or more? She’s a self-proclaimed “personal growth geek” who read her first self-help book at the age of 12, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to growth and spirituality.  Since 1998, Michelle has coached groups and individuals to experience greater levels of happiness and success by applying universal principles to everyday life.  She’s been called “magical”, “transformative” and “a lifesaver!”  As a spiritual pioneer, Michelle has made a practice of stepping into uncharted territory and is currently preparing a meditation series to help others develop a loving rapport with chaos and uncertainty. A former HR Executive and Coaches Training Institute course leader, Michelle designs and delivers transformational learning experiences for organizations and the public.  She lives with her husband in Atlanta, GA, and is learning the humbling art and science of organic gardening.

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What people are saying about working with Michelle

Because of Michelle’s coaching, I’ve reconnected with my spark! I’ve got 8 new clients and a more centered and grounded approach towards my coaching and my personal life. I’ve learned a solid framework to help my clients by creating more thought provoking and powerful questions, rather than teach by telling which I was programmed to do. I continue to grow and learn more each day. Michelle’s coaching is a gift to me and my life and I recommend her coaching without hesitation.
Cory Thomsen

PHR, Co-Active Coach, Conscious Parent, Life Artist, Sexy Spirit Mom

Michelle Goss is love manifested. She knows exactly how to work with a client to bring out the best. When I think of Michelle, I think of someone who is rock solid, unwavering in her support and firmly planted in two realities–the client’s reality and the reality that will help the client grow into being a stronger leader. If you have just the business stuff, there’s no soul to it. If you have all spirit, there’s no grounding.  Michelle brings tools from both these worlds to the problem. Working with Michelle has created a shift within me that can only be described as similar to tectonic plates moving once in a hundred years–Yowza, this woman is powerful!
Carol Ross

Founder, STAND OUT and Belong

I was skeptical that anyone could get our hard core manufacturing-types on board.  Michelle really catapulted us into an environment where the management team is much more open and effective with each other and the learning continues.
Duncan Crowdis

President, The William L. Bonnell Company

When I started Michelle’s Success Circle Group I really had no idea what my true hearts desires were for my career future. I learned how to direct my vision and understand my true hearts desires. Each step along the way, the group helped me trust in my ability and go after my vision. Since I started the group, I have been assigned two special projects and I hope to be assigned to the SAP conversion team for the company. Finally, I have more faith in my ability now then I have ever had as I continue to believe in my vision for my career. Michelle’s Success Circle group helped me to learn that dreams can come true if you just believe in yourself.
Ginger Hauser