Dare to Be Free:

How to Liberate Your True Self

Within each of us is a yearning:  a yearning to be free from constraint and a yearning to be free to become more of who we truly are.  This workshop is about connecting with your capital “S” SELF, and it’s about identifying and dealing with the core limiting beliefs that we put in the way of living from that Self consistently (not perfectly). At its heart, this course is about genuine freedom to be who you are, without encumbrance or apology.

Facilitators:  L.A Reding & Michelle Goss

L.A. & Michelle have 20+ years experience designing and conducting personal growth and leadership workshops.  They share a passion for learning and for creating learning for others.  Their approach is fun, playful, and powerful.

Praise for Dare to Be Free…

Ready, set, GLOW: Working with L.A. and Michelle is like setting your pants on fire – in a good way! They’ve been the “fire under my butt” for the sake of living my best life! You can’t help but get moving when you’ve tapped into your passion, dropped your mental blocks and stepped into your power.  Here’s what I gained in attending and then leading their “Dare to Be Free” workshops:

  • Personal transformation
  • Huge insights, invaluable feedback
  • Pure joy & laughter
  • Confidence to take risks
  • Instant weight loss (I immediately felt lighter, freer, alive!)
  • Allies for life

 — Gina Lincoln, CPCC, CWC


I’m blown away. Thank you so much. My life has been changed, and I know I will continue to evolve.” -D. A. from MI.


I am called forth. Old ball & chain unlocked through recognition & saying it out loud – I will make the earth move”- M.S from MA


Surprised the hell out of me how much I achieved – ridiculously productive”  – C.L. from GA


We’ll be offering this course later in 2014.  If you want to be put on our list to get an update, contact us and let us know.