Learning to coach is a lot like learning to swim:  you can watch from the poolside, you can even read books about it, but you won’t really know how to swim until you get your body into the water.

Leader As Coach is  highly interactive virtual training that teaches you the essential coaching skills for bringing out the best in yourself and others.  It’s flexible, portable, and directly applicable to your work.  We are huge fans of immediate application!

Participants learn and apply skills that effectively drive results:

  • Creating a mindset for success
  • Establishing engagement
  • Building rapport, trust and mutual respect with individuals, teams or groups
  • Holding accountabilities
  • Generating and communicating a compelling vision
  • Honoring uniqueness  in yourself and others
  • Interrupting the limiting beliefs that inhibit success


What to Expect:  

Our web-based training offers convenience, flexibility, and substantive material delivered in 6 increments, once per week.  There is no set “class time”.  You work at your own pace.  Each week we’ll send you an email link to the content for that week.  You can work with it whenever you like — during the evenings, during your workday, on weekends, whenever it works best for you.You decide when you want to engage the material.  Additionally,

1.  We have distilled the vast complexity of coaching down to the core skills & techniques that are essential to being an effective leader in any field.

2.  The content is delivered in bite-size pieces with easy-to-apply, relevant fieldwork so you get immediate practice and real-world results.

3.  It’s portable.  You can view it online or download audio versions to your mp3 player and listen while you workout, fly, or drive.  If you learn best by reading, we have downloadable transcripts for you.

4.  You get an interactive community of students and facilitators.  We’ll help you apply the skills to your unique work or life situations.  Much of the interaction is online though each week we host a live group call during which we will answer questions and take the content deeper.


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