Change within a work team doesn’t come from just sitting in a meeting room with the chairs in a circle. No—something amazing has to happen.

People have to get new ideas about working.

And they can’t get those ideas handed to them in a manual or presented in a bulleted list on a PowerPoint slide.

Those new ideas have to come from the team.

Those ideas can’t be regurgitated from the latest trendy management book or blog. And they can’t even come from us, the trainers.

Brilliant new ways of working are already within your people. We draw them out.

Your people know themselves, their work culture, and their work. Our job is to show them how they contribute—or are blocked from contributing—to the group as a whole. We help bring their most creative selves into their everyday work.

The results are amazing.


Partial Course Listing:


LEADER AS COACH  — Leading edge online modular course.  Learn coaching skills anytime, anywhere.  Check it out here!


DEVELOPING FOLLOWERSHIP — Our flagship program for both new and seasoned leaders. Participants learn how to tell if they have genuine “followership” or not. And if not, how to get it and how to keep it. We cover skills such as giving feedback; reading mixed signals; bringing mixed signals into alignment; creating team operating practices; and being authentic, real, and transparent as a leader. These are skills essential to generating and sustaining followership.

At a Glance:

Program Length 2 days
# Participants 12 – 26
Workshop with pre-work & fieldwork accountabilities


THE ART OF LEADERSHIP — A strategic learning process for Emerging Leaders.  This powerful program is designed specifically for new and emerging leaders and will accelerate the development of their raw talent, skills, and abilities. We focus on five essential dimensions of leadership: Leading Self, Leading Others, Creating Vision, Walking the Talk, and Generating Results. This multi-phased program is delivered over the course of 9 months and strategically combines robust assessments, learning labs, tools, intensive retreats, and individual coaching. This is a powerhouse program designed to dramatically increase and enhance an organization’s bench strength.

At a Glance:

Program Length 9 months
# Participants 12 – 26
Consultation, Assessment, Learning Labs, Intensives, & Individual Coaching


BEING A LEADER — Bringing out the best in self and others.  This program focuses on the most powerful personal qualities (traits of character) that the leader brings to interactions with others. Based in the premise that “people respond primarily to the way that we feel about them and secondarily to our behavior towards them,” this one-day seminar allows participants to create a powerful new relationship to their own leadership. Participants discover ways of BEING a leader, rather than merely “doing leadership”. They learn to reliably bring out the best in themselves, each other, and their associates.

At a Glance:

Program Length 1 day
# Participants 12 – 50
Workshop with pre-work & fieldwork accountabilities


BUILDING TRUST & ALIGNMENT — Strengthening Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills.  A stand-alone or in combination with “Being a Leader”, this course gets at the heart of trust and communication issues. This is a learning lab in which participants practice having courageous conversations about real and current topics relevant to their work. We address difficult relationships, entitlement, drama, and the elements that undermine positive team dynamics.  This experience will give your managers the skills to develop people and at the same time get the work done. This saves time and money and in our experience, the work gets done faster and to a higher standard because people have the tools and skills to work more effectively with people. Our clients have also told us on numerous occasions that this workshop is the most powerful team building experience they have ever had.

At a Glance:

Program Length two options, 1 day or 11/2 days
# Participants 12 – 30
Workshop with pre-work & fieldwork accountabilities


READY FOR ANYTHING — Bringing the Secrets of Improv to Leadership. This dynamic course gives leaders at any level in the organization a new foundation of confidence and trust. We incorporate a variety of skills from the improvisation and acting professions to help leaders learn to think on their feet, become masterful with chaos, diffuse tension, create engaging presentations, and unleash creativity in themselves and their organization.

At a Glance:

Program Length 1 day followed by 1 month of on-the-job practice followed by another1-day session
# Participants 12 – 22
Workshop with pre-work & fieldwork accountabilities


CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS — A “Post-it Note” Design Concept.  With our depth and breadth of experience, our consultants can pull from 1000s of learning experiences to quickly and effectively create a program to address any leadership or team dynamic.


EXECUTIVE COACHING — Our Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches are experienced at working with leaders, sales people, and teams to bring out their very best. Coaching is the secret ingredient to success. One of our clients called it “Rocket Fuel!” There are many situations in which our coaches are used. Among them are the following:

  • On-Boarding / Assimilation
  • Take Learning from a Program and experience immediate practical application
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentor Coaching – Manager as Coach
  • Integrates right and left-brained learning
  • Gives you a trusted sounding board
  • Train the Trainer

We will license, train, and certify your internal OD specialists or trainers to deliver our programs to your executives, managers, sales force, and other associates.


Many years of experience have taught us that “just doing training” rarely has the intended impact. Companies who enroll countless people into training classes that feel good at the time, but have little or no impact on the business waste millions of dollars each year. Our approach for success and “stickability” involves several phases of work, not just one that involves us coming in and doing the training for you. We know that to be cost effective, you will need internal trainers to spread the learning throughout your company. We will partner with you in making this process effective and powerful.


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