Mind Your Business!

How to Change Hidden, Damaging Beliefs that Are Limiting Your Success

There’s a lot going on in here…

Beliefs > Behaviors > Results

Most people try to make changes at the behavior level.  This can yield temporary improvement; but if the beliefs don’t change, lasting success won’t happen.  It’s like pulling the tops of weeds off in a garden only to see them re-sprout and take over again in no time.  Until you extract the taproot, you will waste precious time and energy being frustrated, martyred, or confused.

Mind Your Business gives you the tools and techniques for getting at the roots.  You can then create new, empowering beliefs that allow you to thrive.  I’ll also help you establish action steps that are consistent with your new empowering beliefs so that you get the results you want.

Once you learn the methods taught in this class, you can apply them to any and all areas of your life!  


Here’s What You’ll Learn in This 4-Session Series:

  • How to identify hidden, damaging, limiting beliefs
  • How to replace limiting beliefs with empowering, success-generating ones
  • How to actively nurture the new beliefs so they take hold and become strong
  • The secret ingredient that is the direct route to a more successful business (& life)
  • Bonus: A 4-step Process for changing anything!

Without having an intimate understanding of your belief structure, when something goes wrong you might blame outside circumstances, other people, or yourself.  You might think your business model isn’t stable, that you are cursed, or just suffering from plain old bad luck.  You might want to give up and go get a “real job”.  (I personally had many days when the fantasy of working at Starbuck’s seemed like a welcome relief from the pressure of trying to build a business!)

Of course, merely having an understanding of your beliefs is not enough.  Knowing how to change them is what makes all of the difference….well, actually APPLYING that knowledge is what makes the difference!

If you are ready to dig in, uproot weedy beliefs, and plant fresh, healthy ones check out the details below:

What – 4-week teleclass with materials, audio recordings, and fieldwork
When – Summer 2014
Where – telephone bridge-line (you will receive instructions after registration)
How Much – $195

What Previous Participants Say….

The ‘Mind Your Business’ course awakened my imagination to grasp a whole new way of pursuing and achieving business and personal success. I never knew growing a business could be such fun–and yield such stellar results!

– Michael Warden, Author  https://www.michaelwarden.com/


I really loved this course. I loved the energy Michelle sparked on each call, and even between calls. I loved the graceful flow of information and thought-provoking assignments. ‘Mind Your Business’ really got me into a welcome new groove that has me approaching my coaching business more from a place of attraction, fulfillment and fun! As a professional marketer, I know what to *do* to get clients… but Michelle’s course urged me into minding my business from a *being* place, and it’s already paying off, both in how I feel about my business and in the response I’m getting. And, I’m grateful that this course helped me to eradicate a few gremlins along the way!

Martha Carnahan, Marketing Coach  https://www.brilliantvisions.net/


Participating in ‘Mind Your Business’ is like taking five different workshops for the price of one.  Michelle takes the best exercises from a variety of workshops she’s personally taken and combines them into a fun and powerful course in building your business from the inside out. This class is unique because every week you get into a positive “being” place before you jump into action of “doing”.  I especially enjoyed the one-on-one calls with Michelle where I was able to get additional support for my individual needs.

‘Mind Your Business’ is a must for anyone who wants to build their business or simply feel radiant about themselves.  You’ll not only discover innovative and creative ways of building your business but also learn fun exercises that will greatly enhance all facets of your life.

– Erin Yoshimura, Executive Director CDBF & Personal Branding Expert  http://empowerful.com