photo by Lee Goss

Here’s the second in the series of posts with step-by-step processes, hot tips, new tools, and ideas to create a business (& life) you love. Read the first post here.Read the first post here.

If you did the 7-Day Challenge, you have enough practice at creating an Upward Spiral and you have a few lists to use as fuel for your creating your vision.

We’re still in Step 1: Create a Vibrant Vision. So far, I asked you to answer the question: What would make your heart sing?, and to brainstorm lots of possibilities. It’s time to narrow your focus and choose. Here’s how.

Review Your Possibilities 

First of all,  Don’t let your “Inner Critic” convince you that you don’t have time for this.  You do.  It’s a choice.

Go back through your brainstormed writings. Highlight themes or anything that evokes a strong “YES!” from you. Building on that, now imagine a grand, whole, meaningful future.  Imagine, the best that can happen for you, does in fact happen for you.  You’ve actually created the business or work of your dreams.  You’re experiencing success in every way that you wish.  As you contemplate this future, answer the following questions, and take as much time as you need or want:

  1. What is the heart-singing vision for your business?
  2. If it were to be even better than the above, what would be included?
  3. If you were to stop here, what would be missing?  Add that to your vision now.

Step 2: Experience Your Vision

This step is all about engaging the power of your mind to create a sensory experience of your vision. Great athletes do this all of the time. They have a mental/sensory rehearsal of their sport. You’ve probably seen pause before taking action. They are envisioning and feeling a triumphant completion. You can use this same technique.

Read the next few instructions, then close your eyes and follow them.

sensory imagination
  1. Imagine stepping into the future you are envisioning….breathe it in…….make it yours…….notice what you feel……  What are the dominant emotions here?  Spend as much time in this scene as you like, allowing it to shift and change.
  2. Engage all of your senses taking in the aromas, temperature, sounds sights, and  textures.  Allow it to become more and more real. If there are other people in your vision, see them there, hear them speaking, etc.
  3. Imagine the goodness of this vision expanding in ways you hadn’t predicted….if it were EVEN better, what’s it like?  There is a magical point at which the vision begins to vision itself, on your behalf. Let yourself resonate with this vision. If you cannot resonate with it, it’s ok to change it so that you can. It does not need to be “reasonable” but it does need to be believable enough – to you, and you alone.
  4. Choose a touchstone or symbol for this vision — it might be a particular item, image, sound, or color that will serve as an easy access into this visionary experience.


  1. Start each day with a 5-minute (or longer) experience of your vision. Step into it like stepping into a scene in a movie.
  2. Create a visual representation of your vision and put it where you’ll see it every day. It could be that touchstone, a screensaver, anything that reminds you of the power of your heart’s desire. 
  3. Answer the following questions:
    • How does this vision change you? How does your image of yourself change/expand?
    • When you are connected to this vision, what do you believe is true about you?
    • What does achieving this vision give you? What state of mind or state of being does it produce in you?
    • What is one habit you will need to change (that is, start or stop) in order to create the success you desire?