What better time of the year to practice the art of saying No than the holidays?  Tis the season to feel obligated to attend parties or family functions.  To overcommit, overeat, over drink, under exercise, over spend, and feel generally horrible by January 2nd!  If this has been your pattern, you can absolutely create a different experience this year, starting now.

Too Many Yeses

Starting now, practice saying no, first.

Starting now, have a few kind ways to say No.  Such as, “Thank you so much for asking!  I’m going to have to decline, but I do thank you.”  (Notice the lack of apology or explanation.  Neither are necessary.)

Starting now, make a list of the activities/ events that you genuinely want to engage in.  What will you need to say No to, in order to fully enjoy your Yeses?

Starting now, make a list of the activities, events, and people you believe you MUST say yes to…the ones that you tell yourself you really have no choice.  Say No to those first!

Starting now, remind yourself that an obligated Yes is no fun for anyone.  Seriously, would you want someone to say Yes to you just because they thought they had no choice, secretly resenting you?  Yuck.

Starting now, make a pact with yourself that you will only say Yes to what you truly want, allowing yourself to fully enjoy the holidays!