Off to A Very Important Date!

You know that person who regularly shows up overwhelmed and breathless? Everything is an emergency with them. Life is a fire to put out. Slowing down is not an option. Mania becomes a substitute for productivity.

These are the least effective people I know. And, I should know — I used to be one of them. That is, until it became incredibly boring and unsustainable.


Years ago, I worked in an environment in which we all took a sick pride being the (more…)

Saying Yes to Saying No

What better time of the year to practice the art of saying No than the holidays?  Tis the season to feel obligated to attend parties or family functions.  To overcommit, overeat, over drink, under exercise, over spend, and feel generally horrible by January 2nd!  If this (more…)

If Struggling Worked

Just Try Harder

I love this quote by Victoria Castle:

If struggling were the way to get there, we’d all be there by now.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the way many of us approach work.  Often, suffering and struggling is so much a part of the everyday experience that it goes unnoticed and unchallenged.  We can automatically and unconsciously believe the lies that say if we just try harder, work longer, suffer enough,….then it HAS to pay off….doesn’t it?  We like to call it “work ethic”.  Seems more like “carrot and stick”.

[Years ago I had a coach who suggested I take a baseball cap, cut a hole in the bill, (more…)